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Our Sponsors

As one could well expect, the costs involved in running a team with the stature of the Niagara Metros is fast approaching staggering proportions, these days.  Park fees, umpires, uniforms, baseballs, equipment, clubhouse fees, and tournament entries are just some of the costs we incur every year.  Our players pay part of the freight, but the shortfall must be made up through fundraising and corporate donations in the form of sponsorships.

This page is dedicated to the fine organizations who have helped us to stay afloat these last couple of years, and especially for their financial assistance  in 2008.

Our Corporate Partners

Hank Kinzy and Associates - Detroit, Michigan  

Buckners Source for Sports - St. Catharines          

The Red Hot Chilli Pepper - St. Catharines

Valient Machine and Tool - Windsor

Metros Game Day "Door Prize" Sponsors

Rawlings Sports Can. - Jason Rabjohn          Elio's Shoes -Thorold       Giant Tiger - St. Catharines         Duff's Pizzaria - St. Catharines        The Montgomery Family - Virgil        Pete's Pizza - St. Catharines    Discount Car Rental - Burlington       Front Row Sports - Thorold      Avondale Stores - St. Catharines     Ashlee Sorochan - Burlington

...and to all of our regular home game attendees. 

Your donations to our door prize draws really helps.     

Thank you ALL, for your kind and generous investment in our team.  Without you, we simply could not exist. 

Please give these Community-minded organizations your business.

Special thanks go to Harry Krekorian and the folks at Pelham Chiropractic Wellness Clinic...for their fine work as team trainers and physiotherapists for the St. Catharines Metros.